We are a young private laboratory with an ambitious goal to make the dog's world better. 

We strongly believe that the more time humans spend time with their dogs the happier their dogs become and the stronger relationships they can create. 

But a lot of people simply don't know what to do with their dogs, apart from walking and playing with a ball.

Thus, we would like to create a scientifically proven program for dogs and their caregivers, which would allow them to have a great time playing together and studying something new, at the same time building strong bonds and enhancing a better understanding of each other.  

Our main area of research:

To learn how different types of mental exercises for dogs change a quality of mutual attachment with their humans, different types of dog behavior issues, and an emotional state of dogs and humans.  

Our applied areas: 

1. To design a Cognitive Skils Development Program for dogs, which effectiveness will be scientifically proved and could be easily verified.

2. To establish a "tool-box" for simple, but accurate estimation of a dog-human bond.

Our current research topics: 

1. To verify the reliability and validity of a specially designed Color Associations Test as a non-verbal diagnostic tool for measuring a dog-human bond.

2. To find out if the concept of "Zone of Proximal Development" designed by Lev Vigotskiy is applicable to dogs' learning.