Hello, dear dogs and their beloved humans! Welcome to our fun and smart school! Come in, relax, feel as you're at home on your favorite sofa! 


Here you can:

🦴Start to learn new things by applying the modern methods of dog's training. You will develop canine cognitive abilities learning a lot of useful and funny things beyond boring "sit-stay-down" complex. For example, in advanced lessons a dog can learn how to "read", "write", count, play a piano, find their caregiver's telephone or even look for money! 😉


🦴 Improve communication between dogs and their humans; 


🦴 Provide a little puppy with proper socialization and early development, which will greatly contribute towards facilitation of their future training, improve contact between you and your dog, and also help to avoid problems in future;


🦴 Receive professional help from a dog psychologist if something goes wrong;


🦴Or even order a photo session for your pet including a little training to teach your dog how to pose!

About the Lab

It is a little private school created by Alisa Tananaeva, dog behavior specialist and researcher, to study and improve dog-human relationships. 

The mission:

To enhance the emotional well-being of dogs and humans using the the latest scientific advances.

The goals:

🦴To study the influence of different types of mental excercieses on the psychological state of a dog and its relationship with his or her human caregiver;

🦴To design environmental enrichment techniques and training programs that are preventing and reducing behavior problems and improving of the quality of life in the "man-dog" dyad.

Rules and principles:

🦴First and almost, my main care is the dog's well-being. We strongly believe that this is essential for the good relatioships, good behavior and good training.

🦴My approach to dog training and consuting is based on up-to-date researches in animal science and only modern reward-based methods with proven effectiveness. 

🦴Since punishment-based methods of working with dogs are now generally recognized as inhuman, ineffective and causing extremely dangerous consequences for dog's behavior and well-being, we strictly insist on not using anything that might cause physical or emotional pain to your dog. We reserve the right to stop our work immediately in case this rule is violated, without any obligations from our part.

🦴We do a serious job, but we also know that the best way to learn for all creatures in the world is a play. That's why all of our sessions will have lots of fun!

About Alisa Tananaeva

In Malta with my best friend ever, Tayron the Schipperke (a small version of Belgian Shepherd - Groenendael).

Since my early childhood, I was interested in a behaviour of all animals in the world, including humans. Cats and dogs have been living with me through all of my life, and each of them was so different! 


I am a kind of a perpetual student and am constantly learning. During my work I use only modern reward-based methods that have scientifically proved their effectiveness. 


In 2020, I decided to create this little lab to help dogs and their caregivers  better understand each other, and to work more with my beloved creatures.


Besides my love for pets, I am a passionate traveler and prefer countries with a rich wildlife. I've been on my own in 58 countries, including some Asian, African, and American destinations, participated in a biological volunteer expedition in Peruvian Amazonia, and much more.


I love animal photography and videography, which I studied in New York Institute of Photography and San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. I also took a course in Travel Journalism at the London School of Journalism and I adore creative writing; one of my articles was included in the top-10 wildlife travel blog on 'Terra Incognita'.

We will be happy to hear from you and your best friend! 

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