I am exciting in dog-human commuication and in developing the canine cognitive skilss, and the reward-based training is one of the best ways to reach both of these goals! 

During our sessions, you are not going to create the ''dog-machine'' who will obey the simple comands because he has to. Our goal is to create such a type of relationships between a dog and a human that allow them to understand each other. It is the only reliable way to engage the dog to do what you want because he will love to listen to you and wish to make you happy. 

You will learn: 

🦴How to read the dog's body language and teach him to understand yours;

🦴How dogs learn new things and why something is more or less difficult for them;

🦴What is the difference between "signal" and "command", and how to use it in the way that your dog will be able to understand;

🦴What are "capturing", "targeting", "shaping", and how to use it to teach your dog almost everything;

🦴Why mental work is that important for dogs, what does it mean, and how you can develop the cognitive skills of your dog;

Dog will learn:

🦴Lots of different new behaviors, from the simple ones till the really advanced - depends on your wishes, time consuming, and patience!

The first session is usually lasts for 1,5-2 hours (dog will not be busy all of that time, of course, but you will), because you have to understand the main concepts of the clicker training and practice your technical skills.

Future sessions will be about 45-60 minutes.

The price is €30,00 per session

The services provided online. For the customers from Malta, the session might be organized in-person with the additional payment of €10.00.

Before to book the session, please read about our main rules and principles