I provide behavior consultations covering the following subjects:


🦴 Separation anxiety disorders;


🦴 Untidiness;




🦴Other problems on demand.


All of these issues take time and patience to deal with. The dog is an alive creature with complex psychological organization, and the dog's behavior can not be managed in one day without the risk to create much more serious problems in the future. Most of  thecases need to be analyzed in cooperation with veterinarian and nutrition specialist and should be managed properly for at least one month.


We suggest a 4-week minimum commitment as this is the very least amount of time that we feel will allow us to get a beginning foothold on the behavior and also start to teach you how the behavior protocols work.


Before to contact us please read about our Rules and Principles


All services provided online. If you are in Malta and wish to meet in-person, please add €10 per visit

Monthly Package - All Inclusive

Monthly Package - Eco

One-time Consultation

€ 450

€ 150

€ 30

🦴The full assessment of the dog, including the questionary about the details of the behavioral issues and analysing your video records




🦴Nutrition scheme analysis and correction



🦴Consultation with behavioral veterinary specialist if needed



🦴Individualized day-by-day training plan you should follow based on what you and your personal dog needs



🦴Two online sessions per month.  


🦴Daily support and feedback (5 days a week) provided by email or WhatsApp. 


🦴Weekly live online assessments with you and your dog.



Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of three most common behavioral disorders. The main symptoms are howling, furniture spoyling, and puddling in absence of owners.


Anxiety disorder is not about “bad manners”, it is a complex disease, which combines under one name several different disorders and neurochemistrical processes. Many people offend, punish and display anger to a dog, thinking that dog howls on purpose to avenge their care. But if dog cut its paw, it cannot stop limping for the sake of the owner. Anxiety disorder is the same: a dog can not stop howling and destroying an apartment only because it loves its owner.


Anxiety disorder can manifest in varying degrees and depends on many factors. An age when disorder starts appearing depends on a breed. For example, in labradors it usually starts appearing at around 6 months, while in Border Collie the most risky age is around one year.


The main symptom of  separation anxiety disorder is not only that dog howls, makes puddles, etc. but that it starts to worry at the very same moment when it understands that you are going to leave them and when you come back, it can't calm down for more than 5-10 minutes. Additional signs of separation anxiety might include excessive salivation and vomiting. Sometimes it comes together with diarrhea and self-harm. 


If you observed some of the signs of separation anxiety, please contact me as soon as possible.



Сontrary to popular belief, pets never urinate or deficate on purpose, "to take revenge" or to show dominance. Little puppy simply doesn't have muscle ability to hold, while the causes of incontinence in older dogs might be very and very different. For example, it might be a symptome of chronical stess, anxiety, or illness, as well as it might be a result of unproper toilet training, incorrect socislisation, wrong diet, and much more.   


As with incontinence in children, in all those cases punishment makes the situation seriously worse.


So in case if you are suffering from endless puddles and piles, you should not shout on your dog, but  find a real reason for such behavior. And I am here to help you to solve this problem.



It is known that children might have ADHD; dogs too. The main sympthoms include attention-seeking behavior, renetic activity, short attention spans, fand high impulsiveness, that makes it impossible for them to focus on one task for long.


There are more energetic and less energetic breeds, however, dog’s genes are just a base of a behaviour. It depends much more on puppy's health, training, socialization, and social environment. Hyperactivity can be minimized or exacerbated from puppyhood and on, depending on social and environmental factors.


Having a high-energy dog it is not a sentence. During our consultation, we will take into consideration all the factors that might increase an unwanted expression and create a detailed plan to correct it, including special excercises, environmental changes, diet correction, and more. 



🦴Guided by the principle of “Do no harm”, my approach is based on up-to-date researches in animal science and only modern reward-based methods with proven effectiveness.

🦴Since aversive methods of working with dogs are now generally recognized as inhuman, ineffective and causing extremely dangerous consequences for the dog's behavior and well-being, I strictly insist not to use anything that might cause physical or emotional pain to your dog. In case of breaking this rule, I reserve a right to stop my work immediately without any obligaions from my part.

🦴Every dog and every family is different. You may have your own house rules, and nobody has to tell you should you sleep in one bed with your dog or not. That's why I practice an individual approach that will be designed to make your life with a dog the most comfortable for both of you, brought in line with the dog's well-being and your anticipations.

🦴I work not only with dogs but - and at first - with their owners. At the end of the day, you are a key to managing your dog’s behavior, you and not a trainier should be his or her best friend and social partner. So my aim is to teach you how to interact with your dog and handle them in any situation while creating an unbreakable bond.

🦴A good therapy has to start with an appropriate assessment. Before our first meeting, I'll ask you to answer a questionare and to fill in the form to have essential information about your dog and yourself. If we are working online, I will also ask you to send me a video to demonstrate your dog's behaviour and your typical reactions on it. Sometimes, I will ask you to do some simple tests with your puppy. 

🦴During the first consultation, I will assess factors that contribute to your dog’s behavior and discuss your anticipations and long-term goals, thus to ensure the best experience to you and your dog.


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